Baby Horse Ventures Out Into the World

I’ve ridden the baby horse, Freedom, in the round pen about 10 times now. She has the cutest little twisted wire snaffle you’ve ever seen and her own little baby bridle. I did put a saddle on her a few months ago, but we don’t usually use one. Today, Kensley came to help with riding out off property. She hopped on that little “wild” mustang like she was an old show pony and we rode about a half a mile away down the street past the barking dogs, the Christmas blow up thingies, the canal, a very terrifying alpaca, several spooky garbage bins and one incredibly terrifying unicorn statue, all of which the little mustang ignored completely. Cali tried to kick the barkies through the fence, but she’s 15 and not nearly as experienced as the 3 yo Mustang who’s never been out, clearly. We rode around the empty lot for about 20 minutes. I was utterly amazed by this horse (and her rider).