Baby Horse Training Plan – First 6 Months

These are the things I hope to teach the little mustang by the time she’s 3-3.5 and ready for saddling.

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  1. Eat from my hand.
  2. Be able to halter from the stall.
  3. Be able to walk on and whoa on the lead rope.
  4. Be able to stand tied and calm to tree or fence for 15 minutes.
  5. Be able to halter from the pasture.
  6. Be able to enter the wash rack.
  7. Be able to pick up and have picked all four feet.
  8. Be able to brush whole body, mane, and tail.
  9. Be able to be touched with lunge whip all over body.
  10. Flexion – nose to girth both sides
  11. Yield hind quarters
  12. Follow a turn on lead rope.
  13. Keep same pace at walk on lead.
  14. Yield fore quarters.
  15. Walk, trot, canter on lunge line in round pen
  16. Liberty Dressage things – TBD see youtube
  17. Side pass
  18. half pass
  19. bow
  20. lie down
  21. wear pessoa
  22. wear bareback pad
  23. ground drive with d ring snaffle